Warehouse for storing bulk materials

Warehouse for storing bulk materials. There are two categories of agricultural silos and industrial silos. Agricultural silo is used to store grain, feed and other granular and powdery materials; industrial silo is used to store coke, cement, salt, sugar and other bulk materials. The cost of mechanized silo is generally higher than that of mechanized room silo by about 1/3, but it can shorten the material loading and unloading process, reduce the operation and maintenance cost, eliminate the heavy bagging operation, and facilitate mechanization and automation operation, so it has become one of the most important grain silo forms.

The silo should be built in convenient traffic, in the high and dry area downwind of residential buildings and public buildings, with the possibility of connecting with water supply, drainage, heating, power supply and other lines; in order to prevent rusting of steel plates, it should not be set near the sea. The design and construction of silo should ensure that the strength of silo wall meets the required requirements, but also make the inner wall of silo flat and smooth, which is convenient for material loading and unloading; the layout should be reasonable to save floor space. The mechanized silo is installed with unloading funnel at the bottom, and the upper corridor is equipped with transport equipment for loading. When loading, the bulk material of the discharge pit is transported to the upper corridor through the elevator and unloaded into the horizontal belt conveyor, and the belt conveyor unloads the bulk material to the silo inlet into the silo. When unloading, the bulk material is unloaded to the lower corridor through the unloading funnel and transported out by the horizontal belt conveyor. In addition, drying, weighing, turning the silo, disinfection and cleaning are also carried out before the grain enters the silo, during the storage period and after the silo is discharged, for which corresponding equipment and devices are needed to gradually implement automatic operation.

Shape and arrangement

The plane shapes of silo are square, rectangle, polygon and circle. The force of the wall of round silo is reasonable, so special attention should be paid in foundation survey and foundation design, and the material is economic, so it is most widely used. When the stored material species is single or the storage capacity is small, it is arranged with independent silo or single column. When the stored materials are more varieties or storage capacity is large, it is arranged into a group of silos. The space between the silos is called star silo, which can also be used.
The total length of the cylinder silo is generally not more than 60 meters, and the total length of the square silo is generally not more than 40 meters. Group silo length is too large or force and foundation situation is more complex should take appropriate measures, such as setting expansion joints to eliminate the contraction stress of concrete and temperature stress generated by the impact; Settlement joints to avoid the impact of uneven settlement caused by factors such as large load difference between different parts of the structure itself or foundation soil bearing capacity has obvious differences; Set seismic joints to mitigate earthquake damage.


Silos are constructed of masonry, wood, reinforced concrete or steel. Small silos can also be made of plastic. Masonry material has the characteristics of convenient material, low cost and easy construction, so it is widely used. The masonry silo with larger height is equipped with ring reinforcement or reinforced concrete ring beam every certain height to bear the ring tension. The diameter of masonry silo is mostly below 6 meters and the height does not exceed 20 meters. Reinforced concrete is used for larger capacity silos, the diameter of which can be up to 12 meters in the group silo, and more than 18 meters in the independent silo, and its height is generally about 35 meters according to the capacity and economic efficiency of lifting equipment, and the cement silo with airflow conveying into the silo can be up to 50 meters. Steel is generally used only to manufacture the funnel of the silo.


Post time: Jul-28-2022