The structure composition and use of pig breeding equipment material tower

Material tower because to be used for years, placed in the open environment, but also to bear the weight of 20-30 tons of feed, so must be resistant to high temperature, low temperature easier to preserve the quality of feed, long years to withstand the hot and hot weather, wind and rain, material tower corrosion resistance, oxidation must be very good, hard and tough to withstand the weight of 20-30 tons. Galvanized material tower as a common pig equipment, the use of more, the following we come to understand.

1、Material tower silo wall plate: It is composed of steel with tension up to 55000, and it is electroplated and coated to increase the strength and service life, and the corrugated steel plate can ensure precise and consistent fit during installation; the galvanized layer weight and thickness have strict requirements to meet the requirements of field use, the style is new and corrosion resistant, and the external main material line is complete.

2、Activated bin cover system: The top adopts the movable bin cover system, which can open, close and block the operation of the bin on the ground. It adopts limit bolt to ensure that the movable lid can be opened freely within 180 degrees.

3、Ribs on the top of the silo: The ribbing on the top of the silo will have different designs according to the actual condition. The ribbing on the bottom of the tower is rolled and formed, which keeps the rain away from the funnel and the relatively low height of the down tube area and can give all-weather protection without being affected.

4、40 degree tower roof: 40 degree tower roof provides more strength and capacity.

5、Tower Side Ladder: A sturdy ladder can be ordered for each silo. Each ladder body is molded from a single piece of galvanized steel, which has the advantages of high strength, good stability, and easy and quick installation. There are small concave holes punched on the ladder cross section to prevent slippage. Bangchi automatic chicken feeding equipment

6、Panel: The optional funnel panel takes into account the complete and convenient inspection and cleaning for customers in the future. The panel can be easily disassembled and assembled in a very short time. A sealed gasket protects the bin from mechanical damage. Panels may be suitable for all towers already in existence.

7、Tower funnel: The bottom funnel of the tower is available in three types according to the tilt angle: 45 degrees for dry feed conveying; 60 degrees for smooth flowing grain conveying.cd5cfa816d616f006eee178e15bce3b

All raw materials are made of galvanized sheet with 275g galvanized layer produced by Shougang, all screws of galvanized material tower are made of high strength galvanized steel bolts, legs, handrails and components are hot-dip galvanized with high strength 1000 degrees, which has the advantages of corrosion prevention, high strength and long service life.

Post time: Jul-22-2022