Material Tower Product Introduction

silo bin fill  (2)

1、The plates used in the production of material tower are double-sided 275g hot-dip galvanized plates of Shougang, Yehui and Baosteel, with yield strength not less than 280-330, which is the only domestic material tower manufacturer with special requirements for this index, ensuring the structural force of the material tower, good corrosion resistance and long service life.
2, the material tower upper and lower cone plate and wave plate are all laminated, effectively avoiding scratches caused during transportation and installation, self-developed special roll forming process, to ensure easy installation and anti-blocking performance of the lower material.
3、The upper and lower cone of the tower and the top cover are made of one piece of mold, one stamping and molding, double-sided spraying to ensure more corrosion resistance, the production of advanced CNC equipment, self-developed molding equipment self-programmed accurate CNC program to ensure the accuracy of the product hole distance hole position, the installation speed is more than 30% higher than other similar products.
4, the installation of the required sealing tape is white, all use raw materials production, without adding any recycled material, to ensure tape sealing, durability and oxidation resistance, double row of sealing tape, posted on both sides of the aperture, both sides of the waterproof.
5、The screws used in the installation of the tower are self-developed alloy coated screws, with super corrosion resistance, the color of the screws and the color of the plate used in the tower is basically the same, to ensure the practicality and beauty of the product.
6、All the reinforcement braces of the tower are flattened to avoid possible injury to workers during installation and later maintenance. (Market similar products reinforcement brace is simply bending easy to scratch workers)
7, the product is equipped with observation ladder and observation port, convenient for maintenance equipment observation feed.

8、The lower cone is reserved for emergency discharge port (optional emergency discharge device), which can easily discharge the feed in the barrel when the material line fails or when the power goes out.
9、The setting of water leakage along effectively prevents rainwater from leaking into the lower cone, avoiding secondary corrosion.
10、The wave plate wave type curvature design structure mechanics, none of the domestic counterparts have.
11、All materials are packed with our strict setting packing process execution, to ensure the structure is neat and standard size, easy to transport up and down.


Post time: Jul-13-2022