How to install the silo and the important performance!

The feed tower not only can reasonably store feed and mix feed, but also can realize automatic mechanical feed instead of manual feed, thus can substantially improve the breeding capacity.

The feed tower can control the time of each feeding as well as the quantity, so that the feed can be fed on time and will not be wasted, which can save breeding costs to a certain extent. Feed towers can also extend the shelf life of feed and prevent it from becoming moldy, which could otherwise cause illness in poultry and livestock. The feed tower as we know it is a precision control device and also has multi-functional breeding equipment.

Pre-installation preparation.

It is usually installed next to a livestock breeding plant, usually 2 to 3 meters away. If it is too close, it will be too crowded, and too far to feed livestock in the feedlot, try to choose a flat area with smooth transportation to facilitate the transportation of feed. The gravel in the installation area should be cleaned up and the ground should be level before installation can start.

1、Connect the steel base of the tower channel and the sensor and tighten the bolts. It is necessary to loosen the protective bolts of the semi-floating and fixed sensor, and then tighten the bolts by adjusting the position of the connecting plate on the sensor.

2、After assembling the tower, connect the sensor and the tower leg mounting plate with bolts, but do not tighten them too much, then use screws to connect and fix the channel steel base and the tower leg mounting plate to ensure that there is a certain clearance between the sensor and the tower leg mounting plate to ensure that the sensor will not be damaged when the tower is lifted.

3、After the crane lifts the tower into place, adjust the screws that connect the channel steel base to the turret leg mounting plate in order to lower the turret leg mounting plate to the sensor, and then tighten the bolts. Screws connected to the channel steel base and tighten, the tower leg mounting plate is not firmly connected so as not to affect the weighing.

4, adjust the protection bolt of the sensor so that it can rotate freely to ensure the accuracy of weighing. After installation, check whether the commissioning tower can be used normally.

The installation of feeding tower can not only beautify the environment, purify the air and improve the environment of pig farm, but also reduce the noise, promote safe production and improve the economic efficiency.


Post time: Jul-11-2022