Galvanized Steel Pipe Details

What Is Galvanized Steel Pipe

Galvanized steel pipe is made of low carbon steel. Then it is covered with zinc coating through hot-dip or electro-galvanizing process to prevent rusting. Galvanized steel tubes feature with excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Therefore, it is very versatile in construction, chemical, electric power, machinery and other industries.

Galvanized Steel Tube Uses

1. Conveying pipeline for gas, heating gas, oil, water or other liquid or gas transportation
2. Oil industry, such as oil well pipes and oil pipelines for offshore oil fields
3. Uses in agriculture, construction, aviation and other industries.

Distinguish Between Electro Galvanizing & Hot Dipped Galvanizing

There are two types of galvanized steel pipes, namely, electro galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing. And they differ greatly in terms of production process, appearance, zinc layer thickness and applications.

1. Difference in Process

Hot-dip galvanizing is a chemical process. The black pipe as raw material is dipped into the dissolved zinc solution for a certain amount of time. Cold galvanizing, also called electro galvanizing, is a physical process. It is just a layer of zinc brushed on the surface, so the zinc layer is easy to fall off. Hot-dip galvanizing is mostly used in building construction.

2. Difference in Appearance

The surface of electro galvanizing is brighter than hot-dip galvanizing. Electro galvanized appearance using color passivation process, and it is smooth, no zinc tumor produced. Hot-dip galvanized pipe color is silvery-white, the appearance of the process is easy to produce water lines.

3. Different Thickness

The zinc layer of hot-dip galvanizing itself is relatively thick, generally more than 10μm thick, so it has good anti-corrosion ability. Its surface is bright, but slightly rough, there may also be zinc flowers. The zinc layer of electro galvanizing is very thin, about 3-5μm thickness. Its surface is smooth, but there will be gray, and corrosion resistance is not enough.

What Does Galvanized Pipe Look Like?

We can see various kinds of steel pipe products in our life, such as stainless steel pipe, carbon steel pipe and so on. So how to identify whether it is a galvanized pipe or not? Galvanized pipe has a similar appearance to nickel. Whether the pipe is hot-dip galvanizing or electro galvanizing, the surface is smooth overall. As time goes by, galvanized pipe becomes darker and brighter, depending on the environment in which it is used.

Is It Safe to Used for Transporting Drinking Water?

Galvanized steel pipes can be used as pipes for transporting drinking water. But there is one problem to be aware of. As galvanized pipes age, the zinc layer is eroded and a large amount of rust scale is produced inside the pipe. The rust scale leads to high levels of heavy metals in the water. As a result it has some potential health problems. This is why people prefer stainless steel pipes for drinking water pipes. But if you are using a public water supply system, the system treats the water in such a way that it basically does not cause any harm to human health.

Post time: Jun-23-2022