Automatic pig farm feeding system pig farming equipment automatic feed line feed tower

Pig farm automatic feeding system pig equipment automatic material line composition.
1、Main feeding line: it contains material pipe, feeding winch, driving motor, main material hopper, feeding tube and sensor, control equipment, etc. (duck feeding line and pig feeding line which choose to feed by floor hopper do not need to install main feeding line).
2、Sub-feeding line: it contains material pipe, feeding gantry, driving motor, feeding hopper, material tray, inductor, control equipment, etc.

The active feed line is an active equipment to avoid the loss of feed between livestock and poultry due to the lack of space and time to avoid absorption, to reduce the stress of livestock and poultry in all aspects, to save manpower, to control diseases and other measures to improve production power.

The advantages of automatic feed line for pig breeding equipment are
1) Active feed supply according to needs
2) Avoiding untimely or aborted feed supply due to the negligence or absence of management personnel
3) Fresh feed is supplied at all times and feed loss is avoided
4) Avoid biased eating and ensure uniform growth
5) Promote growth, reduce meat ratio, and enable early slaughter
6) Long equipment life, so save time and maintenance cost caused by equipment failure
7) Improvement of feeding conditions, allowing more energy to concentrate on other useful management
8) Reduction of labor cost
9) Pig breeding, etc. can be rationed and variable feed according to different pig breeds.
It can save unnecessary waste, financial and human resources for pig farms, and the automatic feeding system has become a modern breeder.
One, the classification of material tower, glass fiber reinforced plastic, galvanized sheet. FRP feed tower because of its low heat transfer coefficient, heat insulation, no dew, no rust has recently become the new favorite, the traditional galvanized sheet feed tower because of its summer high temperature, dew, construction process of the perforated parts of corrosion and gradually withdraw from the market.

Second, the feed transmission method, strand, Sai disk, strand transmission speed is slow, the distance is short, but the strand broken can only replace the strand, high maintenance costs, but the price is low. Race plate transmission speed, long distance, easy maintenance, race plate and chain and wire rope two, chain weight, easy to break, wire rope to overcome the above shortcomings, is now widely used.

Third, the corner, the market has nylon, steel plate, cast aluminum several, nylon because of its strength is not enough, gradually withdraw

Several factors that affect the quality of automatic feeding system for pig farms:

One, the choice of materials, the above has been briefly described.

Second, the construction factors, pig farm automatic feeding system installation similar to the renovation project, just a good main material is not enough, the quality of the installation of the whole set of equipment is very influential. So choose the company, the construction team is very critical.

Third, the use of equipment personnel to understand the equipment, the correct use, maintenance, repair.

Fourth, the cost of accessories. Similar to the car’s after-sales, different manufacturers of accessories cost gap is very large

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