19th (2021) China Animal Husbandry Expo 21st, May, 2021

From 18th to 20th,May, the 19th (2021) China Animal Husbandry Expo was successfully held in Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center. The 3-day animal husbandry event had 8,200 exhibitors with an exhibition area of 160,000 square meters and an indoor exhibition area of 140,000 square meters, using 14 standard exhibition halls and more than 6,800 booths. Among them, the animal husbandry area showed the feed storage equipment, feeding equipment, ventilation equipment, temperature control equipment, environmental control equipment, standardized factory building design and construction, modern pig breeding poultry farm design, veterinary medicine production and processing equipment, veterinary instruments, feed processing machinery, equipment and accessories, feed quality detection apparatus, equipment, microcomputer control system, hardware and software, etc. During the Expo,more than 240,000 spectators entered the stadium including industry personages from more than 30 countries and regions, all kinds of purchasers, domestic and foreign media journalists and exhibitors. The Expo also attracted nearly 100 well-known domestic brands and tens of thousands of enterprises to observe and learn on site, including international exhibition groups of feed additives, breeding equipment, intelligent environmental protection and poverty alleviation projects. The exhibition also set up a special exhibition area for rural revitalization, focusing on the display of pigs, poultry, cattle, sheep, rabbits, deer, donkeys, camels and ostriches, etc. The exhibition area for branded animal products will continue to be opened to expand the brand publicity of enterprises and promote animal products with ethnic characteristics. All indicators had exceeded previous years, and it had become the largest industry event with the largest number of exhibitors, the fastest growth and the most complete number of leading enterprises. Once again, everyone gathered in Nanchang for this year's Livestock Expo. The booth area of our company was 18 square meters, and 67 customers were received in three days. The turnover of the intended contract was 120,000 DOLLARS. Under the influence of the epidemic, we handed over a relatively satisfactory answer sheet. We look forward to seeing you again at the 20th Chengdu Animal Husbandry Expo next year.


Post time: May-21-2021